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Video Series

Club Wellness Member, Teresa, shares her recovery journey in a video series titled 'Teresa's Journey'. Her videos are showcased on our Facebook page! We are so inspired by her bravery and vulnerability in sharing her messages filled with hope, resilience, growth and connection. Watch her videos below!

Teresa's Journey: About Me

Never Give Up Hope

Be Open and Honest

You Are Never Alone

Take Care of Yourself

Teresa's Journey: List

Forgiveness Is a Journey

Love Yourself First

Learn & Grow

You Learn What You Live

Teresa's Journey: List

Look Within Yourself

Friends Are the Family That You Wanted

My Achievements Since Getting Sober

Reach Out for Help

Teresa's Journey: List

All We Need Is Love

It's Okay Not to Be Okay

Take a Mind Break

My Journey Is About Learning

Teresa's Journey: List

Social Connection Matters

Feel Your Emotions

Be Your Own Best Friend

Be Mindful of the Present 

Teresa's Journey: List
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