The Power of Recreation

The benefits of participating in recreation and leisure activities have been described and documented by our community members. The following is real life data from interviews and surveys conducted in the Niagara Region by the Club Wellness Niagara Founder to measure the impact of recreation on a person's life.

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Recreation Makes Me Feel

  • connected with others

  • free

  • like myself

  • happy

  • refreshed

  • exhilarated

  • very positive

  • focused

  • like I have accomplished something

  • completeness

  • beautiful

  • peace

  • contentment

  • like I don't want to go home

  • part of something

  • sociable

  • happy to see my friends

  • enthusiastic

  • powerful

  • calm 

  • wanted

  • belonging

  • energetic 

  • part of a family 

  • like I can spread my wings and fly  


"Participating in recreation activities has helped me to have a feeling of well-being."

"Just accept us for who we are. Don't try to change us."

"Recreation has helped me grow as a person. I can be myself."


Recreation Means

  • relaxation 

  • fresh air

  • togetherness

  • fun

  • laughing

  • feeling uplifted

  • travel

  • a break

  • exercise

  • friends

  • integrating yourself with others

  • a positive and healthy life

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"Recreation helps with stress to change the routine. It balances mental health against mental illness. Mental illness is like claustrophobia closing in on you. An excursion moves you into the larger world and is a way of bonding with others."

"Recreation has helped me to be more social and build my confidence."

"Recreation is good for depression and
getting out of the house."

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Why I Choose Recreation

  • improves emotional, physical and spiritual health 

  • strengthen relationships with others

  • keep busy 

  • see new things/environments

  • have someone to talk to 

  • have fun 

  • something to look forward to 

  • have a break from routines

  • meet new people

  • learn how to be around people

  • enjoy activities

  • build creative thinking

  • therapeutic

  • good exercise

  • motivation 

  • never be on your own


"Recreation takes my mind off feeling alone and always being alone."

"Recreation clears my head of any problems."

"Recreation gets me out of the house to socialize with others."