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Who We Are

Club Wellness Niagara provides recreation and wellness programming in under-resourced communities in the Niagara Region. We are a place for community members to improve their mental, physical, social and emotional health. 

We imagine a community where people experiencing poverty, living with mental illness and/or substance use, physical and/or developmental exceptionalities, surviving trauma and on a recovery journey are provided barrier-free access to supports to improve their mental, emotional, social and physical wellness.

We work in communities where wellness programming is needed and not currently existing, or communities that need support with current programming. We work in multiple settings, including: 

  • public, transitional and supportive housing programs 

  • day programs and centres  

  • shelters 

  • education

  • treatment programs

Our current Club Members are individuals experiencing poverty, living with mental illness and/or substance use, developmental and physical exceptionalities, surviving trauma, at risk of experiencing homelessness and on a recovery journey.

♡ We believe in the therapeutic value that recreation and wellness offers with impacting the well-being and quality of life of our members     

♡ We focus on empowering Club Members to cultivate purpose, growth, community, self-worth, connection and belonging

♡ We embrace individuality, freedom of expression, creativity and fun  

♡  We are dedicated to reducing participation barriers for members to be in safe and non-judgemental spaces  

♡  We nurture our community partnerships to address service gaps and needs in our community

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