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How We Work

We will work together to build and maintain a recreation and wellness connection for everyone

Community Organizations

Community organizations are places that currently support individuals and wish to improve their wellness programming for their clientele. We offer multiple services to improve wellness supports. We will: 

  • Assess, plan, implement and evaluate recreation and wellness programming to the folks being supported at your organization 

  • Provide multiple service approaches to ensure all individuals are receiving the support they need 

  • Educate about wellness and create resources 

  • Work with our community partners to enhance our services and supports 

Community Members

Community members are individuals who are already connected with an organization. We want members to have the freedom and choice for what you need in your life. We will: 

  • Support you with your mental, physical, social and emotional wellness

  • Empower you to make your own decisions with our support if needed

  • Create fun and purposeful learning experiences together

  • Connect you with your community and fellow members 

  • Remind you that you are never alone with us   

Community Partners 

We collaborate for programming, support and connection for our members. We work with community partners to ensure the success of our services. With our partnerships, we will:

  • Create programming opportunities and supports for organizations who currently do not have the resources or time to implement wellness programs

  • Provide community members in need of supports and services access to our programming by joining the Club

  • Support educational and meaningful opportunities for students to increase their overall experience in community-driven work

How We Work: Services
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