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Member Tribute

To our friends who are no longer physically with us, we miss you and you will forever be remembered by us. We think about you always and are so grateful to have known you for the time we did. We love you.

In loving memory:

Joy: being a bright light for everyone and showing us all how to bring more kindness and love into the world 

Ernie: endless amounts of snacks in combination with sarcasm and your love of card games 


David: letting us use his 'living room' for programming, a beard full of wisdom and a million other reasons why you will always be the coolest person ever

Brian: always putting your hand on your forehead as an effort to show your sarcasm while listening to opera music and bravely asking women for their phone numbers daily

Jody: teaching us all beauty tips in order to scope out the hotties and advocating for your fellow peers during hard times

Jean-Michel: enthusiastically trying to better others' lives by teaching us how to speak French and about the wonders of almond milk

Willie: bringing so much love into all things you do, putting everyone before yourself and sharing one hell of a story while doing it

Marian: constantly smiling and spreading positivity to everyone, showing how beautiful you are inside and out

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